How Can Love for Allah be Created?
by Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Sahib (rahmatullahi alayh)

Hereunder I wish to present several effective mediums which tribute to creating love for Allah. To attain this love a few important points need to be adhered to:

  1. Allocate a specific time to reflect upon the great blessings and bounties of Allah Ta’ala. Along with this closely study one's shortcomings and ponder: “If I was to have opposed a world leader in such a manner, what would have been my outcome? How disgraced would I have been in his eyes?” But Allah Ta’ala, despite my rebellious actions has not put a stop to his shower of blessings upon me.

  2. Bring in to practice all shar'ee commandments related to one's external life, despite experiencing an absence of inclination. Experience shows that good deeds posses the quality of creating love for them. Though in the beginning stages there maybe no apparent love, love will gradually be created. Like a magnet has no effect on iron lying at a distance, but no sooner it is brought close, the magnet automatically pulls it to belt. Deeds too have a “magnetic” effect.

  3. On a daily basis, set some time aside for zikr (remembrance of Allah Ta’ala), though it maybe for a short while. This zikr should be made in seclusion with a bit of concentration.

  4. Join the company of the pious and friends of Allah Ta’ala. Insha Allah through their company the love for the world will soon be reduced. In essence this is the way to recognise the friends of Allah Ta’ala – i.e. in their company one finds a decrease in world­ly love and an increase in the love for Allah Ta’ala.

Allah willing, if the above mentioned four points are brought in to practice, I can say with assertion that within forty days the love for Allah Ta’ala will defi­nitely be created within the heart - And who am I to give assurance, rather it is upon the Qur'an and Ahadeeth that I am basing my claim and not something fabricated by myself.

Was Salaam