Dr. Islamul Haq, PhD, D.D. was a very high Hindu priest (Achariya Mahant Dr. Saroopji Maharaj). He studied 10 great religions of the world in their original form at the Oxford University of UK and received two doctorate degrees. He said that "the Holy Books of all great religions of the world, except Jainism and Buddhism, have the names 'Allah' and 'Muhammad' in them. Prophet Muhammad is the only prophet mentioned in most of the Holy Books of the world."

The Vedanta of Atharva Veda says: "Assya illale mitra baruna raja...." Translation: "Just at that time, a personage by the name 'Mohammad' will appear with his followers in a desert country. O Lord of the desert, O Teacher of the world, Praise be to You. You know many ways to destroy the evils of the world. O the Holy One, I am Your servant; please let me have a place at Your feet."

Zend Avesta, part one, translated by Max Muller, pg. 260: "O Spetame Zarathustra, I proclaim that Holy Ahmad will surely arrive. You will receive from him holy words, holy thoughts, righteous deeds, and pure religion." In the Holy Qur'an, the second name of Muhammad is given as Ahmad (61:6).

Dasateer, translated by A.H. Vidyarthi, pg. 47: "When the Persians will forget their religion and will plunge into extreme moral degradation, a great holy man will arrive into the Arab land. His followers will defeat the Persians. Instead of worshipping 'fire' in their temples, they will then pray facing the temple built by Abraham. The followers of that great holy man will be like blessings to the people of the world." Soon after Muhammad (peace be upon him) died, his followers did defeat the Persians. The Persians accepted Islam in great multitudes and started to pray facing the House of God, Ka'ba, built by Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him). Hindu Scholars on Islam
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